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February 13

Keynoting at NSA Carolinas Week of Speaker Love Conference

February 17

Old Dominion Freight Keynote, Orlando, FL

March 2

Tampa Expo - Tampa, FL

March 7-10

Crush The Stage Speaker Bootcamp - Live in Tampa, FL

June 4-7

Speaking Business Mastery, Professional Speaking Business Building Experience - Live in Tampa, FL 

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Every day, life presents us with a crucial question: "Will you improve upon yesterday?" Dr. Delatorro unveils the psychology and methodology employed by top producers in this transformative Peak Performance experience. The most accomplished individuals across industries possess unique mindsets that shape their actions, behaviors, and habits, ultimately leading to exceptional outcomes. Dr. Delatorro's impactful presentation is a candid coaching session aimed at unleashing the full potential of your professionals. He uncovers and imparts Seven Paradigms that, when embraced, ignite explosive sales, outstanding customer service, and unwavering leadership within your organization. Prepare for a hard-hitting experience that will empower your team to achieve greatness.



Participants will explore how to:

  • Develop emotional muscles for daily peak performance

  • Identify successful peak states that produce consistent wins

  • Align actions and habits that mirror attributes of other top performers

  • Think of right now strategies that produce immediate improvement

  • Change their attitudes into infused passion 

  • Increase their commitment to personal excellence

  • Lead boldly in their organization with confidence and wisdom

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Get ready for radical and high-impact teambuilding! Take a small group or large group of business professionals and put them in a room for 1 to 2 hours, add Delatorro, music, balloons, hula hoops, as well as their energy and imagination, then... watch in amazement as the entire group is transformed from INDIVIDUALS into a caring and cohesive community! This program takes the elements of Teambuilding, Communication, and Leadership and combines them with the enthusiasm and energy of the participants to create a highly enjoyable and life-changing experience for your business professionals.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Work more effectively and efficiently as a team

  • Communicate more clearly in the midst of a challenge

  • Think creatively about how to solve problems and issues

  • Contribute to the shared goals of the organization

  • Support one another for the betterment of the team goals

  • Foster a more unified, collaborative, and celebratory team spirit

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Productivity is one of the core competencies of Professional Development. Learning how to take ownership of tasks and see them all the way through to completion is essential to workplace efficiency. In Platinum Productivity Delatorro teaches your staff how to organize and prioritize their workday, and how to complete assignments, projects, and to-dos! Productivity is a skill, which means that it can be learned. In this high-energy strategy session Delatorro helps professionals shift from being reactive to being proactive and teaches actionable strategies that your staff can utilize right now to get more done, while having more fun.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Take ownership and responsibility for their daily tasks and assignments

  • Invest their time more efficiently and effectively each day with proper planning

  • Plan a project out, and break it up into small manageable tasks for easier completion

  • Infuse fun and excitement into the work that they do, so it’s done with positive attitude

  • Prioritize their professional and personal lives better to be more productive overall 

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How to Thrive Through Change in a Post-Covid World

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, but it's crucial to adapt and position ourselves and our corporate cultures to thrive in the "New Normal." Dr. Delatorro's keynote inspires and empowers professionals to lead the change revolution and cultivate a resilient corporate culture of excellence. Prepare for a powerful and practical session that equips your team to navigate challenges and create a better future post-COVID.


Participants will explore the following concepts:

  • By analyzing and distinguishing between what they can control and what they cannot, individuals can assume ownership of their personal change journey. This empowers them to take immediate action towards the aspects within their control.

  • Embark on Dr. Delatorro's renowned "6 Phases of Change" to gain the tools and insights needed to lead oneself and others through any change process with success.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the only "3 Responses to Change" and learn to choose the optimal response that puts both you and your organization in control and at the forefront of change.

  • Challenge and dismantle the misconceptions of the outdated "Old Norm" while envisioning a new and improved norm. Embrace a vision that promotes a 3C agenda: corporate creativity, collaboration, and celebration, fostering a culture of innovation and success.

  • Create a transformative "Daily Success Routine" that empowers individuals to take personal responsibility for their daily mindset and performance. By cultivating this routine, individuals can lead their roles with excellence, driving better bottom-line results for their organizations.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Dissect and discern the difference between what they can control vs. what they can’t control. This helps one take immediate ownership of their individual change process.

  • Navigate through Dr. Delatorro’s coveted “6 Phases of Change,” which empowers one to lead themselves and others successfully through any change process.

  • Understand the only “3 Responses to Change” and select the best one that puts them and their organization in the driver’s seat.

  • Dismantle the false pretenses of the “Old Norm” and Vision Cast for a New & Better Norm; one that inspires a 3C agenda – corporate creativity, collaboration, and celebration.

  • Develop a “Daily Success Routine” that empowers individuals to take personal responsibility for how they “show up” on a daily basis, and lead their positions with excellence for better bottom-line results.

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Utilizing brief clips from movies like Coach Carter, Save the Last Dance, Finding Nemo, Rocky, The Karate Kid, Hitch, Rudy, and a host of others, Delatorro masterfully teaches business professionals personal responsibility, accountability, cutting-edge leadership, communication, and relationship lessons in a highly interactive – talk show type seminar. Participants watch, discuss, debate, and most importantly LEARN a plethora of amazing hidden leadership secrets and principles found deep within many of America’s favorite blockbuster movies.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Dissect movie clips to extract powerful leadership principles

  • Identify with key characters and their plights to relate better

  • Translate everyday work scenarios into leadership opportunities

  • Glean best-practices from universal movies for immediate usage

  • Turn situations into life lessons and view obstacles differently



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