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1- Dynamic Leadership Insight

A true trailblazer in the field of leadership, Dr. Delatorro has guided Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and entrepreneurial ventures to unprecedented success. His dynamic insights into leadership challenges and opportunities empower teams to navigate complex business environments with confidence and resilience.

2- Motivational Mastery

Elevate employee morale and ignite the spark of motivation within your team. Dr. Delatorro’s electrifying presentations are designed to inspire and energize, fostering a culture of enthusiasm and commitment essential for achieving corporate milestones.

3- Peak Performance Strategies

Harness the power of peak performance with proven strategies tailored for corporate success. Dr. Delatorro’s transformative methodologies equip individuals and teams with the tools to optimize productivity, overcome challenges, and consistently deliver exceptional results.

4- Tailored Solutions for Your Industry

Recognizing that every industry has its unique challenges, Dr. Delatorro customizes his keynotes to address the specific needs of your business. Whether in finance, technology, healthcare, education, real estate, entertainment, or any sector, his presentations offer practical insights and actionable takeaways for immediate implementation.

5- Global Impact, Local Relevance

Dr. Delatorro’s global footprint extends across continents, bringing a diverse perspective that resonates with audiences worldwide. Despite his international acclaim, his presentations are finely tuned to align with the local nuances and challenges of your business environment.

6- Proven Track Record

Dr. Del’s success stories include transformations within corporations, where his guidance has led to increased employee engagement, company morale, enhanced leadership effectiveness, and substantial revenue growth. Experience firsthand the impact of a keynote speaker with a proven track record of driving tangible results.


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Congratulations to Dr. Delatorro McNeal, II who received his CPAE and was inducted into the NSA HALL OF FAME.

In February 1977, the National Speakers Association (NSA) established the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE)® Speaker Hall of Fame to honor professional speakers who have reached the top echelon of platform excellence.

Admission into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame is a lifetime award for speaking excellence and professionalism. Inductees are evaluated by their peers through a rigorous and demanding process. Each candidate must excel in the following five categories.

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Peak Performance Expert, Experiential Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author

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Dr. Delatorro McNeal, II is a world-class Peak Performance Expert sought after by Fortune 50 companies and individuals looking to elevate themselves. His bestselling book, "Shift Into A Higher Gear," topped charts worldwide. With impactful keynotes in various industries, he empowers high achievers and aspiring speakers. Dr. McNeal holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree, Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, and Ambassadorship to the United Nations.


As a top professional speaker, he has appeared on major networks and is recognized globally. With eight books and mentoring over 500 high achievers, he offers speaker certification courses and challenges individuals to better their best. Founder of Platinum Performance Global, LLC, his notable clients include Johnson & Johnson, Boeing, and New York Life. He hosts the renowned Full Throttle Experience conference. Beyond his influential work, Dr. McNeal is a dedicated father of two, where he focuses on building a lasting legacy.




February 13

Keynoting at NSA Carolinas Week of Speaker Love Conference

February 17

Old Dominion Freight Keynote, Orlando, FL

March 2

Keynoting at NSA SoCal Storytelling Competition

March 7-10

Crush The Stage Speaker Bootcamp - Live in Tampa, FL

June 4-7

Speaking Business Mastery, Professional Speaking Business Building Experience - Live in Tampa, FL